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About Us

Welcome to Simply Heaven!

 My name is Julius and the reason I created Simply Heaven was to offer people something they love while supporting my own family and building a business from scratch.

Simply Heaven specializes in hand-crafted and hand-poured fragrances, scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays that can transform the entire atmosphere of your surroundings into a never-felt-before experience. Our unique aromas are able to create a delightful, relaxed and unique aroma that will simply awaken your senses.

 When I first started this business endeavor, I just wanted to set out on a personal quest and see how far I could go with this idea. Now, all this time down the road, I am most grateful to my lovely customers who have supported my dream and loved every single product I put out there.

So browse through the store and pick something that will express your individuality and blanket you in luxury!

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